We can help you conquer your bucket list...one adventure at a time!
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About Us!

Welcome to Bucket List Adventure Company Ohio! 


We specialize in adventurous excursions that might be found on your bucket list.
And we are here to help you check them off! 

We believe that experiences are more valuable than "things" and nothing is more memorable or exciting than trying something you have always wanted to do! 

Our company was founded in January 2016 right in the Heart of it All....Northeast Ohio!

This location is ideal, because not only is NE Ohio home to many sites that allow customers to experience a wide range of bucket list adventures, it is just a short 2-5 hour drive to many awesome adventures found in neighboring states! Additionally, for excursions that take us across the country, or to other countries, NE Ohio is home to several reputable airports! 


What's on your bucket list? 



Bucket List Adventure Company takes care of the planning and transportation. All you have to do is sign up, pack your bags, bring your camera, and prepare for an adventure of a lifetime! 

Most of our trips only have a limited number of seats available. Our mission is to provide a small group experience (usually not more than 12-15 participants) that encourages our participants to enjoy a family-and-friends-type environment where there is plenty of support and encouragement to get you through your adventure!

Come join other individuals who share the same interests and/or items on their bucket lists, and leave with both friends and memories for life! 


About the Owner

Brandi Noll, Owner and Head Adventurer at Bucket List Adventure Company Ohio was born and raised right here in NE Ohio! An educator for 20 years, and current university professor, Brandi wanted to step outside of the educational world in order to share her passion for adventure and travel with others who also had a desire to try new things, to explore new places, and to do it with cool people! 

Although Brandi has quite a long bucket list yet to conquer, she has managed to check quite a few things off her own list including learning to surf, sky diving, running a half marathon, swimming with dolphins, and white-water rafting. A couple of adventures she hopes to organize for the future, because they are on her own bucket list are: swimming with sharks, hiking Yosemite's Half-Dome, and driving a race car

On most trips you will find Brandi driving the bus, organizing the group, leading the pack, and often joining in on the adventure at hand. It is her goal to make your adventure memorable in every way! 

Because of her obsession with sprinkled donuts, after conquering each adventure your group will have a celebratory donut, after all....sprinkles are for winners



Have questions? Want to collaborate? 

If you would like more information about our company, an excursion we offer, or want to collaborate with us to create a bucket list adventure with your company, send an email to bucketlistadventurecompanyoh@gmail.com. 


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